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Page to inform about a sacred root, which has many applications.

Known as MHRB / TEPEZCOHUITE / TENUIFLORA / JUREMA PRETA this root bark is an excellent natural raw base material for dyes, and many dermatological cremes are made from it. Used in religious ceremonies in south American countries, Brazil especially, allowing people to transcend the unconscious mind and seeing the world and its dimensions.



Meditation in general is perhaps the most powerful tool for bringing the third eye chakra into alignment. This can be as simple as choosing to sit in silence and stillness in order to grow in touch with the self.

I tried many styles of meditation but never got to a point of inner vision perhaps because of the many daily distractions I faced in the western world.

Frustrated with life and society I moved to Brazil in search of myself and got in touch with the molecule. It took me some time to finally try it.
It gave me an impulse I did not expect.
It felt as a shortcut to inner potential, although I am not saying this is the end station to true spiritual growth.

DMT is not a recreational drug, it can be a hard confrontation at first but it turns into a great teacher, namely yourself.
The elder sages in South America say therefore to make your own brew or leave it to a shaman, since the energies involved in the preparation process are paramount.

The molecule is considered a medicine and therefore NEVER TO BE USED IN COMBINATION with other substances.

Many say it opens the third eye, others call it a breakthrough, whatever you may choose to call it, one thing is sure, it is a life-changing experience. it meant liberation for me, getting rid of my guilt and many fears I had.
Also, much of my compulsory behavior was enlightened by the molecule.

“How can I tell you, O pundit where God is.
If you look with in your own self,
there is no I, no thou”

At this point I could go on about spirituality or describe the bush/tree like many do. The internet is packed with that information already.

What’s fascinating is that the Jurema/Mimosa bush/tree originated in Brazil and was taken and shared by tribes towards the north of the continent. Ceremonies were being shared and many recipes developed which have been lost trough time. The sacred bush i.e. Jurema sagrada needs unique soil and climatic circumstances which are found in the northeast portion of the country.

Although other countries provide some great bark many users still prefer the Brazilian Tenuiflora, saying the experience is somehow different. Older users claim that the spirits of Brazil’s soil and vegetation are magical.

Shredded, powdered and whole bark

Mimosa hostilis/tenuiflora in Brazil


Mimosa Hostilis, also known as Mimosa Tenuiflora, Jurema Preta, Tepezcohuite is a plant that grows in Brazil and as far north as Mexico. Traditionally used for skin care and considered a medicinal herb and health product, it is also used in awareness enhancing ceremonies. The plant known as Tepezcohuite arbol de vida and Jurema preta is revered as sacred.

The root bark of the Mimosa Hostilis tree is not a controlled substance in most countries, and neither is the actual plant nor its seeds. You can buy or sell Mimosa Hostiles Root Bark, you can also plant the tree in your backyard.


There are many misconceptions as to yield versus potency. Like I mentioned before, I am no scientist, but I have done many extractions and this is what I found.

1- Yield is one thing, potency is something different.
In some cases, you will need a high dosage (70/80 mg) but sometimes you only need a low dosage (40 mg) to achieve the desired result.

2- I have heard from a university professor here in Brazil that the DMT is attached to many other salt crystals, draw your own conclusions.

3- Many times I have had MORE POTENT BUT LOWER YIELDS, I know this because I used it myself and could notice a big difference.

4- When extracting, take your time, patience, and attention to your task are the parents of perfection.

5- Try different teks and see which one works best for you.

6- Make sure molecular breakdown is complete before you attempt to extract. The Brazilian bark is the purest, but also the toughest. You will have to put some effort into understanding the process of extraction.


You can store root bark for long periods of time, you need to keep it dry and preferably in a dark place.


1- Fresh harvest means nothing. Purple color neither. I try to keep it looking as brown as possible during the drying process, since purple MHRB shredded or whole has a FATAL ATTRACTION ON CUSTOMS OFFICERS.

2- Ordering abroad is inexpensive, but takes on average 25/30 days.

3- When ordering, make sure the receiver’s name has never been involved with the justice department, even a small misdemeanor can de a reason for seizure by customs. They have that right, and can use it at their own discretion.

4- PLAN, and never be short on root bark.

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